Rebuilding the Studio

It's been a busy year! I won't bore you all with the minutia, but here're highlights:

Remodeled a kitchen, took a work trip to Florida -landscaping and interior finishes and such, developed a residential area for our 3 new Cayuga ducks (Sneezy, Beauty and Gimpy), planted 2 vegetable gardens -the first one was destroyed by the worst hail storm in a century... Sometimes I've felt like I'm being held prisoner in a work camp! But as the evenings have started coming earlier in the day - and starting to get chilly again- I can see all that we've accomplished. Things are definitely shaping up around here.

The pertinent news:

Last December I took a great trip to Florida. Ostensibly, I went mainly to do some humble handyman work at our friends' house... I built a gate, did a little landscaping, addressed little random issues...and I brought along a few pieces from the "Inner Cartography" show. My friend, Kira, had graciously allowed me space to hang them at her restaurant in South Beach, along with Jeremiah Jenner, and Dianna Silvagni of Acquire Art Worldwide.

I also got the chance to go to Art Basel|Miami Beach, which is an overwhelming experience that I encourage everyone to go to at least once. So much fantastic art in one huge venue- I don't think there's anything else like it in the country- and that's not all! There are several adjunct venues at the same time catering to photography, outsider art, installation & 3d... It took several days to see it all. I was in heaven! I came home inspired to experiment- to expand- to create!

Well, it turns out that of bunch of other things needed attention first. I'm not sure how exactly we got all the way to September '09, but...

Today, I'm represented in South Florida and on the web by Acquire Art Worldwide. (Picture me beaming.) I so appreciate Dianna's grounded, unassuming approach to the business of art and I'm honored to be a part of their project. Please, take a little time to gander at what they're doing.

Now that I have a new venue for my work, I guess I'd better get busy making new work. When I set up my studio here 2 years ago I was used to working on 1'x1' and 2'x2' panels. They're a convenient size to work with, to store, to move, to hang, and the pricing is easier to accept -both for me and everyone else. They're also too small. As time's gone by, I've been feeling more and more constrained by the scale. I've been wanting the space for big gestures and room to tell a bigger story than a small panel in my small workspace could accommodate. Something needed to change.
So I took the studio completely apart, built and installed a long row of built in storage, and am anxious to get back into production. I expect to have some new work to post here by October.
Wish me luck.