New news from New Mexico

Just wanted to stick my head in the door and say... "I'm working... I'm working. I'm working!" (Facebook time not withstanding.) Elizabeth deMare and I talked the other day, and decided I ought not put up all the work on the web until after the opening, at which point it will be posted on on the gallery's page:


It is our aim to present a virtual version of the show there, so all you poor souls who are unable to join us at the reception will have a chance to participate vicariously! The opening will be September 13, from 7-9pm, and will run through October 9.

For those of you lucky enough to be able to come to the gallery in person, Daniel Jencka will be performing at the gallery on the afternoon of September 13 before the official reception begins. This guy is unbelievably good. You MUST SEE it to believe it- but there are mp3s on his website to wet your whistle:


Also on September 13, at Tome on the Range, (*up the street a ways,) Birdie Jaworski will be reading from her books, performing original songs, and being radiant from 6-8. I adore Birdie, and you will fall in love with her too.


So. It's going to be a busy day! Come join us!

That's the news.

...back to the bench I go.


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